Where am I now?

I am home!

I am still working on compiling the book that will finish the project below…

My project for the last three weeks of my gap year is to record the history of my family in Patagonia. Why did they go there? When? What did they cook and eat? What were the parents of my grandma and her two sisters like? What was the lifestyle there? I have been looking at old El Fortín artifacts, interviewing my aunts and great aunts, and researching the documents that my grandma sends me. Right now, as I wrote in a recent blog, I feel like I am living half in the urban Buenos Aires craze and half in the campos of Patagonia with my relatives and ancestors!

The picture above is from a peak ascent that we did on NOLS in Alaska!


5 Responses to Where am I now?

  1. Mike Joyce says:

    great to hear of your upcoming adventures. have fun, learn lots, be safe. look forward to checking your blog and following your progress.
    -mike j.

  2. kit halsey leckerling says:

    can’t wait to see some pictures from nangi! have a great trip

  3. jordan kelly says:

    I have been keeping up with your blog and it’s unbelievable what an incredible experience you’re having!! I am insanely jealous and I always look forward to a new posting from you. Pura vida, love, and blessings for safe and happy travels, Jordan.

  4. C Maggi says:

    I truly enjoyed your blog and those great pictures. I love El Bolson and Cholila. I spent magical times in that region when I was a teen (I still travel from Canada to Bariloche every two years or so). I come from a family that settled in a small town in the south of the province of Buenos Aires and have extended family there. I also have a teenaged daughter who loved her time with her “tias y primas” down south. Argentines are a strange variety of xenophiles in that they could not care less about your culture or where you come from but their sympathy makes them open their home and hearts to foreigners. Nowhere is this more true than in Patagonia
    Best of luck with your book project it is a true “labour of the heart.

  5. Briana says:

    I was wondering if you would mind allowing me to interview you through email for a high school research project I am working on.

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