Home, and Photos

Oh home, yes I am ho-o-ome!

On the one hand, I was so happy to be with my family in Argentina, and I felt like I could have stayed there investigating family history and exploring the rest of the country forever. However, I had been traveling for a long time, and it is so nice to be back in the Bay Area. I love seeing my family, and can’t wait to see all my friends that are still spread across the country and across the world.

I just updated the flickr site to include Argentina pictures, so here’s the link! (Don’t spend too long looking at them if you’re planning to come over and see photos too…)


I’m working on writing one more thing – a summary essay of sorts – that I will post sometime in the next week or two. Any questions? Requests for anything else I should write about?

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3 Responses to Home, and Photos

  1. Jessica says:


    (and yes, I did actually look at all of them…hehehe)

  2. Danna says:

    Gosh, Cora, I have savored your blog entries. You are so disciplined and write so compellingly (is there a book in this, maybe??). The pictures are stunning, too. Bienvenido y ojala que podremos verte, pronto. Emilia regresa el 1 dia del Julio. Primero, Daniel va a reunirse con ella en Israel, por un rato, y luego va a dejarse con su “host family” en Israel. Luego, Emilia regresara a los Estados Unidos, y Daniel pasara tiempo con la familia cuyos ninos van a asistir “el camp” con Daniel, por dos semanas.

    Maybe, there is a second installment of blogging for you–e.g. your freshmen year of college. Que te cuida, maja. xo, Danna

  3. Rob Sohmer says:

    Only opening the TMS newsletter today did I see how much our paths almost crossed during this year. I too took a gap year. I spent the fall in Nepal, a bit of time trekking, some in Annapurna region, some in Upper Dolpa. I also studied with an artist in Patan. This Spring I worked at a bakery in England and spent 2 months cycling touring in France and Spain, mostly on the Camino de Santiago. I wish I had seen you (and apparently Addis) in Nepal! Stay well and keep traveling!

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