La Omtscha

This weekend coming up is about to be a busy one. It’s my last weekend here, so I’m scrambling to see everyone I haven’t seen, interview the people who I haven’t interviewed, and do what I haven’t done. In about 15 minutes, I am going into Capital (central Buenos Aires) and from there I jump around from place to place until coming back to Claudia’s on Sunday for a lunch with Irene, Lilian, and all the Buenos Aires aunts. Somewhere in between I get to watch my cousin’s band play, go to the Feria Internacional del Libro (book fair), talk to Pinco, my grandma’s second cousin, and have a “ladies’ night” dinner with all my female cousins.

So, here’s a short funny story about Omtscha, my great, great grandmother, and Mamtschi’s mother. We can trace a lot of our family traits back to her, including the love of cats (she would make her son-in-law cart around all of her cats in the car whenever they moved), the musical talent (just kidding… that hasn’t been passed along to all of us), and above all, the strong women. At one point, she was living in Bolivia with her husband, who was working as an engineer in the mines (Emilio Saner… he’s a whole different character to talk about!). Her husband would spend days down in the mines. So one day, Omtscha came home to find one of the native people of the town in her house, wanting to sleep with her. She pulled out a revolver, and, according to Lilian, said, “SeguĂ­s queriendo durmiendo conmigo?” or, “Do you still want to sleep with me?” The next day, they found all of their chickens decapitated in the yard.

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One Response to La Omtscha

  1. Jessica says:

    WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? that’s an absolutely insane story. wow.

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