Daraja Race for 77

This year, I am running Bay to Breakers just as Gitwa (the girl who I am sponsoring this year!) at Daraja Academy is running 28 laps around the Daraja campus, about the same distance. It’s part of the Daraja Race for 77, a Daraja fundraiser happening on May 15th. Anyone reading already knows about Daraja and about how I could talk about how amazing it is forever, so I’ll spare you the rhapsody this time :).

Anyhow, if there’s any way you can help donate for the cause, please check out this fundraising page:


Anything is appreciated, as always!

Here are some incentives that go along with it, too:
“1. Donate $77 ($1 per girl!) before May 1, 2011 and you are automatically entered in the chance to win a $150 Southwest Airlines Gift Card.

2. Donate $12 and you’ll be signed up to win a large North FaceBase Camp Duffle. Crowdrise says, “There is nothing better than a base camp for looking cool at the airport or for carrying about 2000 Starbursts to your lover’s parent’s house. ” Who wouldn’t want this gift?!

3. Donate $26 and you’ll be signed up to win 2 pairs of Vibram Five Fingers. These shoes are the new rage in the running world. Send this incentive to everyone you know when you ask ’em to donate. For real.”

Thanks for spreading the Daraja love!

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