Las Cataratas

The pine forest disappointment, however, did not put any sort of a damper on seeing the Iguazu Falls. We spent the entire day there yesterday, walking through the jungle and over the water on iron catwalks (as my mom said to me, putting a lot of faith in engineering!). We took the train up to La Garganta del Diablo (Throat of the Devil), the northernmost point above the falls. Here, some of the most massive drops that constitute the Iguazu falls slide out right under the pillars of the platform. The entire face of cliffs that host the falls spreads out in a crescent shape, cutting through the river valley, and it all seems to start right under your feet. If you try to watch a single drop of water as it abruptly leaves its smooth path along the river and shoots down over the rock face, the sheer quantity of water and the depth of the falls into the mist below sucks your stomach down hundreds of feet along with it. Everyone up there had huge smiles on their faces despite the competition for good photo spots on the platform, and even people who probably wouldn’t usually tolerate getting so wet laughed as curtains of spray rose up from below and rained down upon the platform. On the way back to the train, butterflies hitched rides on our damp hats and hands. We then visited the upper circuit, which also follows catwalks above the falls, where we almost constantly had falls surrounding us 300 degrees around. Finally, we travelled the lower circuit, which gave us a little bit of space from the huge tourist buses of people, due to stairs on either end that deter many of the typical Iguazu tourists. Thus, we got much clearer views of the span of the falls and took pictures with less hindrance. For the grand finale of the day, we followed the catwalk out to a platform close to the bottom of one of the falls, where curtains of heavy mist splash up from the river below the cataract and soak everyone on the platform. So we ended the day as every good day should end in my book, drenched from head to toe and having seen something absolutely incredible.

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3 Responses to Las Cataratas

  1. Jessica says:

    This sounds so beautiful! It’s reminding me of our Mist Trail adventures!

  2. chocomama says:

    sounds fabulous!!!
    love to all

  3. Bridget says:

    “due to stairs on either end that deter many of the typical Iguazu tourists”
    ^ this is very true

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