Bicicletas Con Amigos

I wound up night before last sitting outside in the patio of the hostel with two British people and a Scottish guy who have become my exploring partners in Bariloche since then. One of the Brits is a man in my parents’ generation, who works in construction and is taking a month to explore Argentina. He has this ratty hat that probably used to be some shade of maroon that he’s had since 1994. “I’ve had a bit of a connection with me hats ever since I lost me hair,” he told us. The other Brit is a 20-year-old girl who is traveling in South America for the year. She has about six tattoos and 10 piercings, and a great sense of humor. The Scottish guy is hitchhiking from Tierra del Fuego (the southernmost point in Argentina) to Alaska, wearing a kilt the entire way. He has quite the (often sarcastic) sense of humor as well and likes to bash America, but won’t accept much bashing of his own culture. When would I ever have expected myself to be sitting around a table in Argentina watching youtube videos, playing categories, or telling bad jokes with these three people?

Anyhow, this random crew and I biked the Circuito Chico yesterday, a loop that passes by many of the lakes and rocky mountains of the Bariloche Area. We stopped once at a beach on one of the lakes, and I stood neck-deep in the freezing water for at least twenty minutes, just enjoying the water and looking around at the barren rocky peaks, topped with snow, and the forested hills that surrounded the lake. We took our time, working slowly up the big hills and shooting down the curving downhill sections. Here’s a picture of us at one of the viewpoints:

Sorry for the inundation of blog posts, but I want to get out as much as I can about the culture (see the food post below!) etc. before I am in Cholila at the farm, with very limited internet access!

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4 Responses to Bicicletas Con Amigos

  1. Jessica says:

    I love your crew! And I love your picture!!
    Tell the Scottish man good luck on his hitchhiking adventure for me!

  2. marjorie says:

    Yay – a photo! Awesome!!!!

  3. Grandma says:

    No apologies for writing too much! We love it! Do bring home mate and chocolate! I thought mate had medicinal qualities? Am I right?

    Take care and love, GMA

  4. chocomama says:

    love the photo and the description of your crew of traveling companions!

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