Living in Kenya is…

…speeding and swerving down a rough, potholed road with no seatbelts in a completely full car or matatu.
…walking or running through the bush and avoiding the two-inch long acacia thorns that threaten to puncture the sole of your shoe.
…standing under the thatched roof of a stand in the secondhand clothing market squished with random people in order to avoid the torrential November rain.
…eating ugali (made from maize flour) and sukuma wiki (kale) with your fingers.
…stopping the car to avoid a band of zebras, camels, cows or goats crossing the road.
…greeting Maasai men wrapped in red cloth with, “Habari asabuhi?” in the morning.
…women in skirts and wealthy men in safari boots.
…street boys running alongside your moving car at night hitting the windows and begging for money, possibly to buy more glue to get high on – it makes the life of begging easier to bear.
…having little kids scream “OWAREYOUUU” or even just “O-AH-YU!” everywhere you go, because you are a mzungu.
…raising a hand in greeting at anyone you make eye contact with out of politeness.
…crazy-looking birds waking you up at sunrise with a chorus of caws.
…living under the vast, colorful, hot, and breathtaking African sky.

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