Another Week!

I cannot believe another entire week has gone by since the Adobe Kassa. It could have been three days ago. I guess it has just been so exciting that it seems like no time has passed.

Last Monday, drove to a baboon preserve and followed a troupe of baboons on their daily path. We sat on rocks only meters away from them as they rested- little baboons playing, mothers cleaning babies, and big males sitting in surprisingly human positions, with their hands on their knees. I spent much of Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, in town. Otherwise, I happily have passed the time tutoring, observing classes, planting a bed of moringa (a type of tree) seeds in the garden, and chopping vegetables in the kitchen ever more efficiently while trying to pick up on the swahili.

My main focus, however, has been designing the adobe garden shed. I invited the girls to a couple of lunchtime sessions, so I think about half of them have given input. On Friday, Alice and Lillian came with about five other girls during lunch, then enthusiastically returned to the garden after classes, wanting to rope out the space that the shed would occupy in the garden. With about six of us cutting and hammering stakes, measuring, and eyebaling right angles for lack of proper tools (and lack of knowledge on my part about measuring the diagonals… oops!), we could all walk inside our imaginary shed within a half hour. Over the next couple of days, I shifted stakes around till the size looked perfect and the angles approached 90 degrees. I sketched out plans for the building with windows made of glass bottles and vines climbing up the adobe walls. The perfect shamba house!

This weekend, the girls have midterms, so the tempo slowed down a bit. I spent time reading, playing with the children of people who work here, and learning swahili. I leave for a Safari on Friday to Masai Mara with a couple of the Danes! What better way to celebrate my 18th birthday?

I already start to panic when I think about leaving, although I have six weeks left. I can’t imagine leaving Leila, Alice, Lillian, Benny, and all the other girls (especially those who struggle through math with me many nights a week!) I can’t imagine living the reality of life in Kenya. I don’t want to give up my perch on a kitchen stool, cutting vegetables and observing campus from a central location. But it’s so far away… And there’s so much to do first! I’m going to finish the shamba house, go on Safari, learn swahili. Most of all I get to spend more time with these incredible girls, and share more of our stories and wisdom. I get to try, somehow, to make them understand how much power and strength I think they have.

Sending love to everyone; I will (hopefully) take lots of good animal pictures this weekend!

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15 Responses to Another Week!

  1. Jessica says:

    I hope you have the MOST INCREDIBLE birthday safari adventure. And thinking about your shed construction is making me remember our compost-system construction days. This shed sounds fantastic though – especially with glass-bottle-windows and vines climbing up the walls!! And it’s so awesome and interesting and wonderful to hear about your experiencing “the reality of life” in the places you are going. Definitely stay present in experiencing that and keep that sense with you even after you leave – but remember, you still have time to enjoy there!
    Lots of love

  2. Carmen says:

    Have a great birthday and a great safari. I thoroughly enjoy all your accounts…on second thoughts i think you have my grandmother’s adventurous spirit as well. Good luck with your neat sounding greenhouse.
    Un abrazo muy grande y de nuevo muy feliz cumpleaños!

  3. marjorie says:

    Happy 18th Birthday! Have a great safari – take many photos to share when you get back. I can’t wait to see photos of the shed when it’s done, too. And the cute baboons! Did you help put together the compost system that’s on the Daraja blog? Continue to enjoy your days one at a time, and know when you leave you’ll have made a difference. Love you!

  4. chocomama says:

    It is almost your birthday!!!
    We will toast you in Providence. Have a wonderful time on safari and a wonderful birthday.
    Tom and I hiked a little piece of the AT in Vermont yesterday, so, of course, I thought of you.
    Sending lots of love and birthday cheer.

  5. tycoon says:

    you do good work.

    happy birthday love!

  6. Michael says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I love you and miss you and am glad this blog exists so I can stalk you cause I now know your fb profile by heart

  7. Liz says:

    Cora your time, work, energy and involvement all sound amazing. The lunch time session reminds me of our Eco-Action lunches– Your perch sounds wonderful. I think you will land on many great perches ! Thanks for all of these updates! XC misses you a ton– xxx Liz

  8. Mari says:

    Happy happy birthday Cora! I love reading about your adventures and cannot wait to see pictures and hear more stories in person.


  9. Emily says:

    i hope you’re having an incredible bday safari!! that sounds amazing

  10. Jessica says:


  11. Katie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORA!! I am obsessed with this blog. Your life is amazing. I hope (I know) you are having the most amazing time ever, and all I can say is that I hope you continue to absorb everything you can and take advantage of every second. Much love lady, can’t wait to see you/talk to you when you get home. There is a chance I will be in San Francisco over winter break, just saying.

  12. Josef says:

    Happy birthday Cora!

  13. PapaG says:

    Hoping you had a great 18th on safari, it’s great to see all that garden love making a dent!

    Go giants.

  14. I get so excited whenever I see a little 1 next to your blog in my bookmarks; I know I’m about to read something funny, poignant, extremely well-written, or all of the above. It being your birthday and such, I guess you’re the one who should be getting presents, but your posts are their own little day-brightening gifts for us back home. Your adventures sound amazing, and I hope they continue to be so! Happy birthday!

  15. Jaj says:

    Happy Birthday Squiggly-Pooh!

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