Acting Like Americans

On Friday, Pia, Paria, Kirsten and I (two other volunteers and the coordinator of the Danish program here) went into town for manicures and pedicures. It’s something I wouldn’t even do in America, so it’s funny that I choose to do it here, in semi-rural Kenya. We all sat in a row getting our toes done, drinking lattes from the cafe next door. We all ready magazines, and though mine was an outdoorsy travel magazine instead of a fashion magazine, it felt like a quintessential American moment… one that would never happen in America. We had dinner with the Danes (pizza, for me, to keep with the American theme) to top off the day.

Then on Saturday night, the first game in the Giants v. Phillies National League Champonship Series played at 2:30 AM here (live!). Since Andy is housesitting for Jenni and Jason, Paria, Sean, Andy and I all stayed up till 6 AM watching the game. Conso and Simon in the kitchen fueled me with three cups of sugary tea and a cup of beet-carrot juice as we chopped vegetables and talked about Americans and money in the evening. Then, we kicked the night off with our second bonfire with the Danes, which passed the time until one in the morning. At Jenni and Jason’s, Sean made a ton of nachos, and we all became progressively more stuffed with food and silly out of exhaustion. During the 7th and 8th innings, I struggled to keep my eyes open, but got very into the intense end to the game. It certainly made the sleep loss worth it to beat the Phillies at their stadium… Go Giants!

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2 Responses to Acting Like Americans

  1. Jessica says:

    That means we were watching it (the game) at the same time! Almost as if we were watching it together! Oh my goodness, and I can so easily see you “stuffed with food and silly out of exhaustion”

  2. marjorie says:

    Go Giants! They just won their second game of the series – very exciting. Did you actually have color put on your nails?!

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