Why I Love Nepal

In my short time here, I have tried to participate in Nepali culture as much as possible. Ellen and I have been wearing the traditional lungi (long skirts) that most women wear, eating a lot of dal bhat (rice, lentils, curry, and other delicious things: expect to be cooked some of this at home, since we took a cooking class), and speaking the minimal Nepali that we have learned as much as possible. We compiled a list of things we love about Nepal:

-Tea (Chiya)
-Lungi (long, colorful, Nepali skirts)
-Prayer Flags
-Dal Bhat
-Squatting Toilets
-Playing Nepali card games (Jack-Cheetah, Call-Break, and Dumbal)
-Yak Wool Creations
-Yak Cheese (be on the lookout for this in the US for me!)
-Fireplaces to dry clothes
-Enormous mountains (himal)
-Nepali language
-Meeting people
-Friendly wild goats (bakra), especially puche bakra (baby goats; we saw some that were only days old!)
-Sunny mornings
-Gurung bread/Tibetan bread/Pun bread
-Mountains at night (aaaahh!)
-Hot springs
-Nepali music, and 3 Sisters dance parties (especially Resam Filili)
-Green bananas that taste ripe

I can’t even tell you how happy I am to be traveling right now. Something – or everything, I guess, – about it appeals to me so much. There’s so much new input and new culture to experience. I would like to incorporate a lot of it into my own culture, and what I do not, I will at least keep in my mind. I can’t believe I am leaving Nepal now; I have sort of fallen in love with this place in the short two and a half weeks that I have been here. But the good thing is that I have also completely fallen in love with traveling, so I am insanely excited to go to Kenya too. My flight leaves here in about 6 hours, and I arrive in Kenya 16 hours later. So next time you hear from me will be from Daraja!

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5 Responses to Why I Love Nepal

  1. Jessica says:

    you would love squatting toilets – haha!
    and i CANT WAIT to do some nepali cooking with you when we are home!
    oh my gosh, it just sounds like you’re having such a fantastic time! and thank you thank you thank you for giving the rest of us such detailed and vivid accounts of your adventures! reading all of this has just made me SO happy!
    lots of love

  2. marjorie says:

    I LOVE this! I can see you liking all the things on the list. I can’t promise finding yak cheese around here, but I’ll try! I can’t wait to play Jack Cheetah, etc.
    Love you!

  3. Chocomama says:

    i am coming over for the card games when you return… and i want to be invited to the dance parties with Nepalese music. i hope that you purchased cds while you were there; the itunes store did not find anything under “resam filili.”

  4. Liz says:

    Cora, your joy comes through loud and clear! It’s absolutely wonderful to read your updates! We miss you at MA! xxx Liz

  5. PapaG says:

    Incredible writing, feels like we are there along with you. Cant wait to hear abour Qatar and Kenya. I want a picture of Lake Victoria, can I come?

    All is well here, ready for the next story!

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