Guest House Friends and Characters

Other 3 Sisters Groups- Cath from Quebec, who had the forethought to bring Yahtzee, Yvonne from Sweden, Sabine from Germany, and Mary and Emma (mother and daughter) from Australia. They graciously adopted us into their trekking group (with 7 Nepali guides/assistant guides), and we all got along really well. They were fun game partners at night and trekking partners during the day. We all cooked Dal Bhat together at the home of one of the 3 Sisters upon coming back to Pokhara!

Three German Girls- they were not happy at all about the rain. Only one of them made it to the base camp, and they were pretty funny to watch.

Andrew and Alona- Alona met Andrew randomly in Pokhara and asked him to come trekking with her, which I think is awesome. We taught them Call-Break, and Andrew did not quite get it…

Amalie- a very nice woman from Germany. We met her in Ghandruk and discussed geinocology, and possibly connecting her with someone who could get her a medical internship in the Bay Area.

Two Holland Girls- Krista and someone. Did much of the Ghorepani-Ghandruk loop with them.

Krishna- the guide of the Holland Girls. He helped teach us our first Nepali. His response when someone asks him how he is always is: “Better than you!”

Korean Man- the only man in the ABC dining hall with our group of 15 women. Gita and Bhagwati looked through his IPhone pictures and intimately asked him about his ex-girlfriend (poor guy). They also asked about a picture of a baby: was it his? He accidentally responded, “I don’t know,” which we all got such a kick out of. He also showed us a video of “Korean Drinking Culture.”

Bald guy, friend, porter, and female guide- the three guys never stopped drinking beer. They also teased their female guide and the 3 Sisters guides a lot.

Darcy- a curly-haired Australian man with a background in environmental science. I had an awesome interview with him in Himalaya, and we talked about the environment and development… definitely my favorite interview so far.

Eddy and “the couple”- Eddy was from Spain, trekking with a woman from Slovakia and a Czech man. The couple was a little bit too touchy for Nepali culture, and the woman showered outside… naked. Eddy hung out and played Yahtzee with the 15 girls, though.

2 Guys from NC and Pennsylvania- the one from NC knew about the Morehead!

Korean Man #2 and Father- the man took the most ridiculous pictures (over 2,500, we overheard). Both father and son would be standing in front of the mountains, chests showing and stuck out, pointing dramatically at the mountains, or perhaps raising a mug to the montains. We can’t laugh too much, though… we did not realize that they were between our room and Cath, Yvonne, and Sabine’s room one night. We talked loudly across their room at 9:30 at night (after we had already been playing Nepali music loudly), then proceeded to stick our hands through holes in the walls on either side of them saying, “Can you see my hand?!” before we realized why we were not seeing each others’ hands…. oops!

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