Heading out to the Annapurna Base Camp trail tomorrow…back in 12 days!
Stay tuned for a story about having tea at a vegan cafe with 2 monks.

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5 Responses to Pokhara

  1. PapaG says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. cinder says:

    i got the CDs today, thank you so much! (and yo mama, i will send her an email too.) sending you love and LOTS of chi as you hike. last night i had a bananagrams/carmelized banana-making sesh with some girls on my hall… needless to say, i miss you!

  3. Katie says:

    Cora I’m living vicariously through you via these blog posts. Keep absorbing as much as possible and meeting as many people as you can. You’re a rockstar!

    Much love

  4. tycoon says:

    i think you are coming back tomorrow!!(?)! much love as you finish your journey!

  5. susan perlstein says:


    I’m feeling quite self conscious about writing as i know other’s will read this, and feel i should probably say something profound, but i have just so many thoughts as i read through your remarkable blog that i’m just going to go ahead anyway!-Many thoughts of just how much i love you – (for being who you are), and of the admiration and awe have for you because you have the “chutzpa” (sorry- only word that works there!) to undertake this incredible adventure. An adventure that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and yet you have the inner confidence in yourself to be able to take the leap anyway! You are doing just a fantastic job of letting us see your experiences through your eyes. I am fascinated by the details you are aware of and the observations you make. I am hanging on every word and can hardly wait until the 27th for more! You really are living life to the fullest! Stay safe! With love, Susan (oh – having spent a summer on an archaelogical dig in Israel, i think you would LOVE it if it is in a country whose culture you are interested in)!

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