The Characters of the Guest House

Here are some of my fellow travelers that I have met or observed:

A man in the fashion industry from India, here on business (looking for Nepalese jewelry), who I had coffee with. He showed me a picture slideshow of his colorful shop in India.

An extremely tall man who wears his shirt halfway unbuttoned and has no chest hair.

An interesting triad of an overweight old woman, a white woman with dark hair and a witch-like appearance, and a small Asian man with an earring. The woman always has her hand on the man’s shoulder, and they seem to walk in and out of the guest house very often.

A large group of young European tourists who sit around the restaurant pretty much all day. They left yesterday afternoon, though.

It’s a pretty interesting place to just sit and peoplewatch, which is what I am off to do now as I wait for Ellen!

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5 Responses to The Characters of the Guest House

  1. chocomama says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for the great descriptions. I am getting a kick out of your fellow travelers and am ever so curious about “the triad.”
    I learn a lot about myself when I venture into another culture and I expect that you will (are) too.

  2. cinder says:

    thank you for the wonderful stories! i love you!

  3. Greyman says:

    Following….you seem to have gotten over the shock of the “real world” occupied by 4B of our kind! Keep it up.

  4. Jessica says:

    Your stories are wonderful. aaaaaaaah! im so glad i get to hear at least this little bit of cora telling me about all her adventures! i can’t even believe you’re actually experiencing all of this!

    as always, sending lots of love : )

  5. Carmen Simpson says:

    I have so much fun reading about your adventure, and an adventure it is!
    Take care, love Meiti

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