The City

The mist that shrouded Hong Kong yesterday gave way to heavy rain today. Everyone in the city had umbrellas and tshirts; I seemed to be the only one in a raincoat. The reason for this became clear as I walked around and the humid 90 degree weather set in.

The fact that I am halfway across the world from anywhere that I have been before started to hit me on the train into downtown Hong Kong, so I was happy to share the car with an Asian couple and a woman from the Phillipines who were just as thrilled as I was. The four of us snapped photos and jumped from one side of the train to the other depending on whiich window had a better view. We watched towering skyscrapers, fishing boats in the grey bay, and even lush green jungle-like hillsides zip by as we approached downtown Hong Kong.

Everything in Hong Kong is stacked vertically, down to these awkward skinny and tall buses painted vibrantly with advertisements. Sidewalks end abruptly into construction zones or busy streets, making navigation challenging. I learned to take the walkways over the streets whenever possible and to zig-zag with the flow of people until reaching a destination. I walked by piers, through two malls, and along city streets, exhilarated at the independence and confidence that I felt.

And leave it to me to find the one natural place in Hong Kong. I spent much of the morning wandering around Hong Kong Park, a park filled with ponds, jungle-like plants, and green birds. I went to the plant conservatory, walked around the apiary, and visited the tea museum. I tried to go to a tea tasting, but was informed that it took place in Cantonese.

Now I am on the plane in Dhaka waiting to leave for Kathmandu!

Silly foreign shirt of the day: “Drop pants, not bombs.”


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7 Responses to The City

  1. bridge says:

    cool! don’t forget to update your “where i am now”!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Such wonderful adventures even in one day!! I can SO see you and your fellow train-riders excitedly running back and forth taking pictures. And the park sounds so lovely!! And the tea museum! Yum!!

    Have a safe flight to Kathmandu!


  3. Chocomama says:

    sending love, love, love, love, love

  4. Noah Koch says:

    I want pics of this couple and you Cora! AAAHHHH I’m so freaking jealous have an amazing time.

  5. Michael says:

    you should get that shirt.

    also, i spent the last 3 days on the AT and made friends with a thru-hiker named Thor the Hiking Viking. Also one named Ewok and Pale Blue Dot. Come visit me so you can hike it its wonderful!

  6. Carlos says:

    It’s great to be able to follow your journeys which sound fantastic! Hope you
    get to an internet connection soon in Kenya! And we can’t wait to see the
    pictures in December…
    Love from all of us in Paris

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