The Project

And finally, I have a project that I’ll be working on throughout the year regardless of where I am or what I’m doing, to bring some continuity to it all. It’s a journalism project, involving interviews with anyone that I meet in all the different places I’ll be going. I want to know how people with different perspectives and from different places interact with the environment, and what they think about how humans as a species interact with the environment. How is it different in different locations? Does it need to change, and how? And most importantly, if the answer to the last question is yes- what does each of the people think needs to be done to change how humans view and interact with the environment? What are the solutions- most pragmatic, most insane, most interesting, most effective? And maybe hearing all these different ideas and perspectives on what needs to be done will help me figure out what I could do, and I could share what I learn with others so they can figure out the same.

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