Getting Ready…

With ten days till departure for Nepal, I’m frantically getting everything ready for international travel. Today, I got three shots, three perscriptions, five books, trekking poles, a theft-proof travel fanny pack, a mandolin(!), and an extra camera battery. I still have lots to do, but it finally feels like I’m getting close to being ready.

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2 Responses to Getting Ready…

  1. Jack Shaked says:

    Cora, Your going to have an amazing time on the Annapurna trail, the base camp is something special as is the journey there. You have to visit Bhaktapur and if you have the chance visit the village I was in, Sirubari, its near Kathmandu. I Can’t even imagine what all the other places you’ll be visiting from Kenya to Argentina are gonna be like. But I’m sure your going to have a phenomenal experience. Call/Skype me if you ever get the chance my skype address is jackshaked. Have an awesome time and Good Luck!

  2. Patricia Went says:

    Cora: Your GPa and I are enjoying your blog so much. It now takes precidence over the weather and the stock market as we begin our day. We will save most of our questions until you get home, but you sent us scurrying to Google to find out about the sites you named yesterday. Is the eye contact thing an Indian, Hindu tradition, or just common sense or what. Enjoy, be safe and love, from GMA

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